Why Do We Chase Perfection if It’s Unattainable?

Chasing perfection is about more than finding something that meets your minimum requirements. It’s about exceeding expectations and pushing to achieve the best.

The Primary Pursuit of Perfection is to Obtain Excellence and Satisfaction

The hunt for perfection is about pursuing your passions in every area of your life. It’s choosing to surround yourself with only the very best things made to the highest standards of excellence. When you strive for perfection, it affects every choice that you make, from the clothes that you wear to the car that you drive. From the career path that you choose to the coffee that you drink, every decision will impact the amount of satisfaction that you feel about your life.

When you pursue perfection, you may not always reach your mark. The end results, however, are almost always better. When we pursue perfection, we reach for excellence, rather than simply choosing to “settle” for what is convenient. When we achieve something that is excellent, we feel fulfilled and satisfied.

What are your passions? What gives you a sense of well-being and purpose? The following is a brief overview of a few of the areas where folks commonly seek perfection:

Savoring the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Many people say that they drink coffee because the caffeine “perks” them up. The way that the coffee tastes is secondary to the jolt of energy that they receive. Others are true coffee connoisseurs. Their refined taste buds are only satisfied by flavor-filled, aromatic coffee.

For these folks, achieving the perfect brew is an absolute necessity of life. They go to great lengths to find a perfect cup to “hit the right spot.” Every single aspect of making coffee comes under scrutiny. Every detail matters: from the type and grade of the coffee beans brewed to the temperature of the water and the length of the brew. Even tamping espresso becomes an important element, as it’s a necessary step to ensure that the water passes through the coffee grounds at an even pace, picking up the additional flavor as it goes.

Luxury, Speed – or both – Owning the Perfect Car

Other people care little about what they eat, drink, or wear, as long as they are able to cruise around in their favorite ride. Owning a car is less about getting from point a to point b, and is instead more about the thrill of owning the perfect set of wheels.

Individual preferences come into play when it comes to choosing just the right vehicle. The features that thrill and excite some sound boring or dangerous to others. Some enjoy the smell of high-grade leathers and the texture of top quality wood finishes used in the interior. For these individuals, only a luxury car made by Mercedes or BMW offers the styling and performance that will satisfy their tastes. For others, it’s the distinctive roaring sound of a large displacement engine traditionally found in classic muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s. For these folks, being able to travel the roads in a fully restored Barracuda or GTO gives them goosebumps of delight.

Finding the Perfect House

Typically, our homes are where we go to relax and unwind. They should be places where we feel comfortable, safe, and free to express our personalities. The factors that make one home the perfect house for one owner can make it a horrible place for another. For example, homes with multiple floors might be a great choice for a young couple with children, but it’s not a practical or convenient choice for individuals with mobility issues.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) existing home sales jumped 4.4% in March and topped 5.7 million. While some of these home buyers may have settled for homes that they didn’t like, and made their decision based solely on price or location, finding the ideal home is not impossible.

Finding the perfect dream home is similar to being able to find perfection in anything. The key to finding something excellent, whether it’s a house, a job or even a soul mate is being able to have a clear vision of what features or traits will satisfy you. When you focus on this step first, you can then create a realistic goal and plans to help you achieve it.