Aston Martin One-77 under the lights

Charge of the Light Brigade: Aston Martin One-77 Gets Luminous [Video]

[vimeo width=”960″ height=”540″][/vimeo]

Although its styling might not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, theAston Martin One-77is, without question, a work of art. But we aren’t just talking about its looks when we say that: Itsfront-mounted 7.3L V12is the most powerful-naturally aspirated production car engine ever. Its interior is flooded with the finest materials and neatest tech toys in the motoring world. And as its name suggests, only 77 were ever built.

But back to the art of the One-77’s exterior styling. All of those curves, creases and vents can be overwhelming when seen all at once, but what if you could see them one at a time? Better yet, what if there was a way to ignore all the details and just observe the basic silhouette? Well, that’s exactly what this short-but-sweet video from Polish Vimeo user/graphics wizardpiterenmanages to do. Maybe it won’t change your opinion of the ultimate roadgoingAston, but we’re quite sure you’ll agree it’s a visual feast.

Source: Vimeo