Chameleon House Hides in Plain Sight

Some people want a home to be stylish by standing out from the surrounding landscape; for others, a house is handsome if it visually coexists – if not totally blends in – with the terrain. For folks with the latter preference, there’s the intriguingly named Chameleon House in the northwest Michigan town of Northport.

It might look a bit industrial on the outside, yet it still manages to harmonize with the rolling green hills and pastures around it. It does this by having polished metal exterior walls adorned with translucent recycled polyethylene that, together, reflect the colors of the surrounding geography. Inside, meanwhile, there’s luxurious douglas fir cabinets and paneling in the kitchen and other common areas, as well as the four bedrooms and three bathrooms. You also get a radiant heat system, a rooftop balcony and a two-car garage in this 1,650 square foot bargain…assuming you can call $1.195 million for a 1,650 square foot house on a one acre lot in rural Michigan a bargain.

Source: Schaub Team Premier Realty