Carlex Design Lamborghini Gallardo is having an Identity Crisis


As the best selling Lamborghini model in history, the Gallardo isn’t exactly in short supply. That’s a good thing for people who want a Lamborghini, but not so good for people who want a Lamborghini that stands out from the herd. Fortunately, Carlex Design is ready to step into the breach.


The body kit that Carlex Design has come up with manages to imbue the Gallardo with a gaggle of Aventador and Reventon styling cues. There’s also a fixed rear wing and wheels that look like they came off one of the “senior” Lambos. However, the vinyl wrap that appears to be covered in tiny moustaches (Feel free to let us know if it’s a logo for some company or organization.) is something we can do without.


The interior upgrades Carlex Design has performed, on the other hand, are something we’d most definitely keep. It’s there that you’ll encounter a heaping helping of red and black leather and black Alcantara spread across the seats, dashboard, door panels and elsewhere. These modifications certainly won’t match everybody’s taste but, for some folks, that’s a selling point in and of itself.

Source: Carlex Design