Custom GMC Canyon

Canyon Arrow: Turbocharged GMC Pickup is Trucking Absurd [Video]

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In 1991, one of the most potent performance cars available in the U.S. was not, oddly enough, a car at all. We speak, of course, of theGMC Syclone, a murdered-out regular cab, short bedSonomacompact pickup truckstuffed with performance suspension and brakes, pavement-centric all-wheel-drive and aturbocharged 4.3L V6that officially made280 horsepower(though the real number was probably much closer to 300). Sure, it was pretty much useless as a truck (At leastGMC’s follow-up act, the mechanically-identicalJimmy-basedTyphoon, had a back seat so it could carry a total of four people.), but man, was it a riot when driven hard.

TheGMC Canyonbelonging to youngMatt Ochoamight not have AWD, and the turbocharger and chassis upgrades might not have been installed at the factory, but that doesn’t make his smaller-than-Sierrahauler any less epic. In fact, it might be a bitmoreepic, due to the stealthier looks andAudi Sport Quattrosoundtrack (they do share aninline-fiveengine layout, after all). Not bad for a cook at In-N-Out Burger

Source: YouTube