Calwing Hummer H2 Trades Backwoods for Ballin’

One of the big selling points of the Hummer H2 was, of course, its off-road capabilities. And despite not being quite as go-anywhere as the military-bred H1, the H2 can still go well beyond where the pavement ends. So why would anyone diminish those capabilities to the point where you might as well be driving an AWD family sedan? Because Japan, apparently, specifically, a tuning house/vehicle dealer by the name of Calwing located in the northwest Tokyo suburb of Matsugo.

As if the 26” Lexani LSS-55 wheels and lowered suspension didn’t do enough to render this particular 2005 H2 incapable of doing the kinds of things people expect a Hummer to be able to do, the Calwing crew also added a rather substantial body kit (which includes new front and rear bumpers, side steps and fender flares), a 213 Motoring Diablo muffler feeding quad exhaust tips and a mixture of Kicker and Bose audio system components to handle the window-rattling duties. So no, this particular H2 won’t be fording any streams or traversing any mule paths, it will be making sure its owner is the center of attention.

Source: Calwing