Cadillac’s Newest Threat to Germany: The CTS-V Sport Wagon

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

While GM is struggling with…everything, one thing they’ve gotten right is building a super-sedan; the Cadillac CTS-V. Slaying its more expensive foreign-accented foes left and right, this American four-door with 556 horsepower has shown the world we can make a mean sports sedan. People love super-sedans, and why not? They have the thrill of a sports car and the practicality of a sedan. It’s an automotive version of “Kujo.” Why make a journey to Willow Springs only a trip for 2 when it can be done with 4? Well now you can bring your dog too (please don’t) because Cadillac will be offering a wagon version of its current family-hauling-brawler. Introducing the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon.

Up until now the “Uber-wagen” was a class of car that GM couldn’t compete with. These aren’t wood-paneled behemoths or play-it-safe Volvos. These are 500-plus hp, 170mph family-friendly fighter jets. It’s a niche that’s been dominated by the Germans for years; Mercedes makes the E63 AMG Wagon, BMW makes the M5 Touring, and Audi makes my personal favorite, the beautiful and planetary-rotation-stopping RS6 Avante. Sure, Dodge made the Magnum, but comparing that to an RS6 is to put me at bat against Clemens. It just lacks in too areas to play at that level. But the German cars are brilliant. I think high-horsepower SUVs are useless while these cars exist. They perform better, get better mileage, carry plenty, cost less and look way better. Any of these 3 cars makes a Porsche Cayenne look like a hump-backed leper.

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

Well those 3 better get ready to fly to America for a weigh-in because Bob Lutz told Car and Driver that the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon has gotten the green light (along with a coupe). Sometimes Lutz talks a big game, and his promises often leave us sad on Christmas day, but this seems like a safe bet. It would be built on the Buick Regal Wagon’s chassis, but with the same powerplant and suspension of the current CTS-V. I think it would be a great move for GM. America can’t get the RS6 Avant or M5 Touring so the market is wide-open. And the CTS-V wagon will be a bargain by comparison. The RS6 costs $150,000, more than double a new CTS-V.

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

I think sport wagons are exciting yet totally practical cars. Not only can they can take the family on vacation (with plenty of cargo-room for an over-packing teenage daughter) but after you drop off the gear at the campsite, you can take everyone up to the peak of your favorite mountain… sideways, with the tires spitting more smoke than your campfire.

Source: Car & Driver

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