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Bus Brothers: Floridian Volkswagen Transporter Trio is Loving Life [Video]

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All types of friendship are good, but there’s just something about the ones that are formed through common interests that makes them special. Maybe it’s because friends in these situations channel their enthusiasm and passion toward the same things. Or perhaps it’s due to their ability to advise and assist each other through skills and experiences that complement each other. In any case, the buddies you make as part of a hobby or sport can often become buddies outside that hobby or sport.

TakeRobert Kennedy,Mark PribanicandDavid Pechumer. These three thirtysomething gents from Florida all love to surf, they all love to root for thePorschesofBrumos Racing, and they all own a first-genVolkswagen Transporter van. And like their slow-but-stylishVWboxes, each member of the trio is a faithful travelling companion for the other two, ready and willing to join the convoy on the next journey, be it the literal or metaphorical sort.

Source: YouTube