Bugatti Type 57 T Proposal is a Front-Engine Flight of Fancy

The Volkswagen Group’s revival of Bugatti has, by most metrics, gone quite well. However, the product bandwidth has been limited, to say the least: The most modern incarnation of the company has released just two product lines – the Veyron and the Chiron – in its decade-plus existence, and both are AWD super-duper-cars powered by a mid-mounted quad-turbo W16. And while the company has considered broadening its product line in the past (*cough*Galiber*cough*), they haven’t yet worked up the courage to do so. So it’s up to enterprising independent designers like Arthur B. Nustas – whose current day job is digital modeler at Nissan’s design department – to show the motoring world how it’s missing out with the German-owned Franco-Italian brand’s one-trick-pony product portfolio.

Now, a modern interpretation of the iconic Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is by no means a new idea; after all, Chrysler did one over 20 years ago. However, Nustas’ vision for a 21st century take on the teardrop-tastic 1930s super coupe, the Type 57 T, seems to do the best job yet of blending styling cues of the original Atlantics with those of late model Bugs. No indication what he would use to power this low-slung front-engine stunner, but we’re guessing it would be something suitably outlandish, though maybe not the 8.0L freak show found in the Veyron and Chiron. We’re also guessing that rather than focusing on putting up insane numbers, this modern Atlantic would be more of a really, really grand tourer, built for style more than speed (though there would still be plenty of that).

Source: Arthur B. Nustas’ Concept Design