File this Bugatti Smartphone under “Things that Should be Real”

You would think that building some of the fastest, most powerful, most exclusive and most expensive hypercars on the planet would be enough for Bugatti. But even though the new Chiron has yet to enter full production, and in spite (or maybe because) of corporate overlord Volkswagen’s self-inflicted financial and public relations open head wound, the French brand founded by an Italian guy sells plenty of non-automotive luxury goods. And thanks to industrial designer Mladen Milic, we have a very good idea of what a Bugatti mobile phone would look like.

The sleek design (with exotic woods and metals among some of the backside finishes) of the Bugatti Chronos concept draws you in, while the 5.5” diagonal Quad HD 2.5D touchscreen, 23-megapixel main camera, 16-megapixel selfie camera, 64 gigabytes of internal storage, 4 gigs of RAM, fingerprint scanner and a USB Type C port convinces you to stick around. There’s no indication what this gizmo would cost, or if Bugatti is even interested in entering the smartphone market,  But don’t let those silly little caveats keep your thumbs from yearning to caress this classy communication device.

Source: Designed by Hege