The Bugatti Chiron Sets a New Speed Record

The Bugatti has made headlines for successfully setting an unprecedentedly fast top speed record. This mid-engined sports car, valued at $3 million, currently holds the title as the single fastest production vehicle on the planet to have completed its specific speed run. In the latest performance tests carried out for the model, the Bugatti proved itself capable of accelerating from a complete standstill to 249 mph before decelerating back to a standstill in under 42 seconds.

It isn’t just the raw speed the vehicle possesses that has earned it so much clout, but also the matter in which it calculates speed with computerized technology. The kind of computer technology that the Bugatti Chiron employs to calculate speed is something that hasn’t been seen in any model before. Rather than simply relying on theoretical projections in order to get an accurate idea of top speed, according to Bugatti Automobiles president Wolfgang Durheimer, all the upper-speed limit capabilities calculated for the Bugatti are based on demonstrable real-life statistics.

Because all of the projections calculated for the Bugatti speed are based on real-life examples, the margin of error is lower and engineers can have that much more confidence when reporting the potential of the car to burn rubber.

In order to test the upper limits of the Bugatti, Bugatti enlisted Juan Pablo to take the wheel and drive it up to 249 mph. Montoya was able to achieve to a 49 mph in just about over 1.6 miles and under 33 seconds, with only just a bit over nine seconds more required to return to a standstill under 1700 feet away. The results of Montoya’s test run after accelerating to 249 mph from standstill consumed approximately 10,000 feet in overall real estate.

The Bugatti Chiron is able to achieve its momentous speed sheets thanks to a 1500 hp Quad-Turbo W-16 engine with an 8.0-liter fuel capacity and a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. The Bugatti Chiron is able to break new ground in the all-wheel-drive.sports car’s speed galaxy.

According to the electronic projections that have been made so far, the upper limit of the Chiron’s breakneck speed is about 261 mph. The electronically limited top speed of the Bugatti Chiron is second only to the top speed of the Veyron Super Sports of only about six miles per hour. Though it can’t yet be said that the Bugatti Chiron has what it takes to outright surpass the bailout Super Sport, what has been demonstrated is that the number of people compelled to take out a loan to try it out in the future will be quite healthy.

The record set by the Bugatti Chiron was made in a test designed to perfectly match real world conditions, down to the driver wearing casual jeans. One of the main reasons behind this model’s ability to reach such great speeds is due to its lack of any need to suffer Turbo lag with its two-state turbocharging system. The two-state turbocharging system also helps the car reach maximum torque throughout the width of the power band.