Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247

Bremont Boeing Watches Take Flight

Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247

If sports-car-inspired watches are cool, what are aircraft-inspired watches? Klondike bars on Pluto? Absolute zero? Whatever the case may be, two new Boeing-branded watches from Bremont are pretty sweet. Both the Boeing Model 1 and the Boeing Model 247 (the latter named after the plane-maker’s first twin-engine commercial model, which debuted in 1933) are available with white or black faces, and cases made from your choice of aircraft-grade metals: Custom 465 stainless steel or Ti-64 titanium, both with transparent crystal backs so you can see the movements in action.

Bremont Boeing Model 247

Bremont has priced the fancier Boeing Model 247 (which features two additional chronometer dials for tracking seconds and half-hours) at $6,750 for the stainless case version; prices will go up or down from there based on the model and material you select. All will make you more stylish, but none will make you a better pilot; you’re still on your own for that.

Source: Bremont