This Breitling Watch Can Save Your Life

We all know watches are used for telling time and looking stylish, but what about using one to save your life? No, we’re not talking about a watch that’s been hopped up by Q-Branch, but ones you can actually go out and buy here in the real world. Sounds improbable, right? The people at Breitling will tell you it’s more probable than you think.

The Breitling Emergency Night Mission, as they have dubbed their creation, is based upon a 51mm black titanium case that’s water resistant to 50 meters and houses a Swiss thermocompressed SuperQuartz Breitling caliber 76 movement behind a dial finished in either black or blue mother-of-pearl. That’s all fairly conventional stuff for high-end watches; things that aren’t conventional for the segment are an LCD display, a multilingual calendar, an end-of-battery-life warning, and a dual-frequency emergency homing beacon that conforms to the international Cospas-Sarsat standard, all of which are things that the Emergency Night Mission has in its arsenal. Sure, the Breitling label means you’ll pay a pretty penny for this timepiece, but what price do you put on your existence?

Source: Breitling