Brat Style Builds a Yamaha Scrambler with a Chequered Present [w/ Video]

Ideally, all motorcycle manufacturers would establish programs that encourage customizing shops to put their own spins on their products and show other builders and average Joes alike what’s possible. Sadly, that worldview isn’t shared by all OEMs, but at least Yamaha (specifically, Yamaha of Europe) counts itself among the ones that hip to modifying thanks to its “Yard Built” program. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise, Brat Style might not have made the Chequered Scrambler you see here.

Granted, the stock Yamaha SCR950 is already a distinctive scrambler with a strong retro vibe, but Go Takamine – the man behind the bi-continental shop (with locations in Tokyo and Long Beach, California) Brat Style – found areas upon which he could improve. He fabricated a new fuel tank, rear fender, seat and side covers, as well as a custom dual exhaust system that stacks both pipes on the righthand side. Takamine also installed a custom Works Performance rear suspension system, a set of chunkier and knobbier tires, and uncluttered the front end. Very, very nice.

Source: Yamaha