Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex Offers Ideal Solution for Cradling & Charging

Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex

After awkwardly switching between the cup holder and the change slot in my Acura (depending on beverage usage or lack thereof) to hold my Galaxy S for months, I have been yearning for a solution that would allow for both cradling and charging. I held off on getting another unit with a windshield suction cup mount as most of the time the generic ones seem to inevitably pop off and end up on the floor rolling precariously close to the pedals. Until I came across the  Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex ($34.95) from Bracketron, I was both unaware of the brand and the fact that there was an ideal solution for my particular dilemma.

Bracketron actually has a whole host of mounting solutions for lots of mobile and handheld devices. This particular unit has a universal holder with an adjustable slider that easily accommodates the Galaxy S. I actually chose not to engage the upper clamp as the device is designed so that the bottom section of the phone can be held snugly in place while the top sits against the release latch for the phone. I like to pick up the phone a fair amount to check traffic and whatnot and not having to disengage it makes things much easier.

Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex

The unit rotates 360 degrees on a ball mount which, along with the gooseneck flexible arm, allows it to be contorted into virtually any configuration within the available cabin space. Special smart grip feet make sure it fits snugly into the cigarette lighter (aka 12 volt port) and a blue LED light indicates power. It comes with a Micro USB to USB cable for charging which works perfectly for the Galaxy.

This is a really nice apparatus and for my particular situation it’s perfect. I needed something that sits down low, inconspicuous and out of the way, to both secure and charge a smartphone. For those who have an iPhone, the setup doesn’t include an Apple Dock Connector to USB cable, but that’s easy to come by and swap out. Overall, I highly recommend the Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex.