Brabus 650 Wagon is a Green Scream

It’s no secret that the most surefire way to grab an automotive journalist’s attention is with a high performance station wagon. We’ve penned many a paean –including a rundown of the all-time greatest OEM-built examples of the breed – to these Wuzzles of motoring magnificence, and the latest effort from the bonkers (in a good way) Benzo buffers from Brabus is definitely worthy of our interest.

Starting with the latest Mercedes-AMG C63 S wagon (which, like the regular C-Class wagon and so many other current estate cars, is not available on our shores), Brabus has cloaked this family friendly flyer in a “Green Hell” color presumably inspired by the one applied to the new Mercedes-AMG GT R. There’s also a set of 20” Brabus wheels, plus a carbon fiber front splitter and rear diffuser, the latter incorporating a new exhaust system with neatly-integrated tips.

And in typical Brabus fashion, the exhaust system is just one enhancement that benefits the engine. The net effect of the PowerXtra B40S kit on the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 are totals of 641 horsepower and 605 lb.-ft of torque, which leads to 0-62 mph sprints in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. Just make sure all passengers, pets and cargo are securely strapped in when doing so, okay?

Source: Brabus