BPG Werks’ DTV Shredder Takes Personal Transport to New Heights of Badassery [w/ Video]

BPG Werks DTV Shredder

We’re all very familiar with the Segway, right? Dean Kamen’s self-balancing two-wheeled scooter-thingy that is popular with mall cops and full-of-themselves-older-brothers alike? Yeah, a clever bit of kit, and very useful for some people with limited mobility, but it’s not particularly macho. What if there was small, stand-uppersonal mobility devicethat looked and acted like it could give that machine a wedgie and stuff it into its locker and, thus, be something the rest of us would be proud to ride?Turns out there is such a gadget, and it’s called the DTV Shredder.

A study of its looks suggests it might have been a joint venture between Tony Hawk and James Bonds’s BFF Q; it features tank treads (“DTV” standing for dual-tracked vehicle) that are spun by a small gas engine. The rider controls said engine (and balances him or herself) via the folding handlebars, and rides atop the world’s lumpiest skateboard deck, which sits over the engine. In reality, it is the brainchild of Ben Gulak and his company, BPG Werks. The company is aiming to sell the DTV Shredder to civilians, and is currently taking fully-refundable $250 down payments, but it appears the bulk of the business plan revolves around selling units for military use. And if the videos after the jump are any indication, it will be pretty handy in both of those and many other uses.

BPG Werks says it will hit 30 mph and climb slopes as steep as 40-degrees. It can also be controlled remotely, which is great news for soldiers and other folks who tend to find themselves in the line of fire. And it can tow a full-size pickup truck. Zounds. Do we want one? Like Bambi wants the ability to use a hunting rifle, baby. Plan your Christmas (sorry, “Holiday”) shopping accordingly.

Source: BPG Werks via YouTube