Crawford Performance Subaru BRZ Turbo

Boxer Rebellion: Crawford Performance’s Cray Cray Subaru BRZ Turbo [Video]

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The rear-drive sport coupe wonder twins fromToyota/ScionandSubaruget all manner of praise heaped upon them, and deservedly so. But there is one noteworthy bone that even some of their most ardent supporters have to pick with them: Lack of power. While the2.0L flat-four’s200 horsepowerand151 lb.-ftof torque is okay for virtually all situations, it won’t cause your cheeks to ripple like a pond that’s been bombed a pebble, either.

But leave it to theSubaruexperts atCrawford Performanceto change all that. You see, this pearlyBRZ’s lump has been fully rebuilt and treated to a laundry list of hot rodding tricks. Oh, and it also now breathes through a rather hefty turbocharger. And as our hostMatt Farahexplains,roughly 430hpand500 lb.-ftin a2,700 lb.package is not something to be taken lightly.

Source: YouTube