A Pininfarina Designed Watch? Do Want

Pininfarina is well known for its automotive designs, but cars are by no means the only machines the iconic Italian design house creates. Ever use one of those Coca-Cola Freestyle machines? The sleek exterior is the work of Pininfarina. Another non-automotive object the house that Battista built is this striking new watch from Bovet.

Officially named the Bovet Flying Tourbillon OTTANTASEI, this is actually the fourth Pininfarina designed timepiece in the series. The airy, aerospace-inspired 44mm case (offered in red gold or titanium) features sapphire crystals front and back to showcase the Bovet 17BM03 caliber (which offers 10 days of hand-wound power reserve) and dual dials. Priced at about $186,000 for the red gold version and about $171,000 for the titanium and limited to 86 units altogether, the Bovet Flying Tourbillon OTTANTASEI isn’t cheap by watch standards but, compared to some Pininfarina-penned cars, it’s a righteous bargain.

Source: Bovet