Bottpower Bott XC1 is a Badder Buell XB12

If you’re fond of the Bottpower’s (“BOTT” being short for “Battle of the Twins,” i.e. two-cylinder engines) Bott XR1 – a high performance custom kit motorcycle based on the Buell XB12 – but you wish it had more of a café racer feel to it, the Spanish outfit has good news in the form of the new Bott XC1 kit. The XC1’s custom chassis, secondary gas tanks, wheels, brakes and suspension components are all identical to those of the XR1, while the seat, subframe, tank, handlebars and headlights are unique to the XC1. That means that not only can owners of stock XB12s turn their bike into a Bott XC1, but Bott XR1 owners can do so with even greater ease. And with 100 horsepower and 81 lb.-ft of torque moving just 394.6 lbs. around, rest assured that the Bott XC1 performs as good as it looks.

Source: Bottpower