Bombardier Global 7500 Business Jet

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bombardier Business Aircraft. All opinions are 100% mine.aerial view of Lausanne and Lac Leman

Bombardier’s highly anticipated Global 7500 aircraft is the industry’s new flagship that allows both productivity and comfort in the air. The Global 7500 carries the unique title of being the largest and longest-ranged business jet in the world. If you need to fly nonstop from New York to Hong Kong, this is the only purpose-built business jet that can take you there.

Passengers can spend long-distance flights with excellent amenities and plenty of elbow room. The Global 7500 includes four customizable separate suites that accommodate up to nineteen passengers; this is tailored luxury at its finest. Whether you want to reign supreme in hospitality, conduct a business meeting in-flight, or have a power lunch, you can do it here.

Business has varied travel needs that are sometimes at odds. There are clients who expect to be impressed and teammates who want to be kept comfortable and productive. But at the same time, there are also practical issues such as storing luggage, utensils, and equipment both safely and out of sight. The Global 7500 has the cabin space, storage, and amenities to keep up with all of these competing needs. Here are some of the jet’s standout features.

The Nuage Seat

nuage seat

The Nuage seat architecture is the first new seat to be developed for business aviation in three decades. It took nearly 7 years to complete, and is guaranteed to be the best seat in the house. Its unique ergonomic design brings maximum comfort for passengers on long flights. It features a unique deep recline position, making it perfect for power naps or relaxation. The floating base makes it easy to smoothly position and rotate the seat to find a comfortable position. Also, the Nuage seat has a tilting headrest that adjusts to each passenger’s unique height for optimal support.

A Naturally Illuminated Interior

Illuminated Interior

Large, evenly spaced windows let in plenty of sunlight when you rise above the clouds. Aside from the awesome view, the beauty of natural light will fill your cabin, creating a naturally lit atmosphere that is conducive to higher workplace productivity.

The Right Environment

The Right Environment

On a commercial plane, at least 50% of the cabin air is recycled, while the rest is taken from the outside. Though this air is filtered, the “stuffy” feeling is typical of the standard commercial in-flight experience. However, the Global 7500 uses an advanced air management system that sends 100% fresh air into the cabin in-flight. In addition, the turbo heat and cool feature in this system enables the cabin to reach the desired temperature in minutes.

Optimized Cabin Pressurization

The Global 7500 aircraft’s optimized cabin pressurization system can eliminate ear pressure and popping after takeoff by reducing the pressure fluctuations felt when changing altitudes. This is achieved by providing a low-altitude environment in the cabin during the flight.



One of the many possible options available, that comes standard, is a state-of-the-art media center with a high-speed fiber optic backbone. Whether you need to brief your team with a presentation or catch the game before you land, this private theater, which can be customized with a 40-in 4K display and Hi-Fi speakers, can immerse its audience in crystal clear sound and resolution.

Wings & Speed

Wings & Speed

Delivering an incredibly smooth ride, the wings are precision-engineered to allow the greatest possible flexibility in flight. The flex provided by the wings’ revolutionary design acts like a car’s shocks, absorbing the forces that normally make for a rougher flight.

The Global 7500 is currently unmatched in its range. It has a 7,700 nautical mile range, which means it can be in flight for 14-15 hours nonstop. It also has a top speed of Mach 0.925.

Multiple Living Spaces

Multiple Living Spaces

The Global 7500 offers tailored luxury. Owners can design their cabins to personalize their private flying experience with various floorplans and add-ons.

  • The Club Suite: Call it the “business casual” of the jet’s living quarters, it has large windows that let in plenty of light, Nuage seats, tables, and optional furniture that can easily be customized and altered to suit casual conversations or a small business meeting.
  • The Conference Suite: Able to seat six people, this is a great place to dine, relax, and connect. As its name suggests, you can also hold conferences here when it’s not being used as a dining room.
  • The Kitchen: Designed by the experts who know what works in the air, this full kitchen is equipped with everything the crew needs to make countless decadent meals for up to 19 passengers.
  • The Master Suite: Call it your home away from home, the available master suite can come with personal bed, shower, and optional furniture. Make it as simple or luxurious as you want it to be. For long flights, it’s the perfect place to recharge before landing.
  • Crew Suite: This separate space allows the crew to work in freedom and comfort, which gives both passengers and crew privacy, especially on long flights.

Nice Touch Cabin Management System

Touch Cabin Management System

Modernity meets ingenuity with the Global 7500 aircraft’s “Nice Touch Cabin Management System” (CMS). This system enables passengers to control various elements in the cabin with an OLED touch dial.

Suite Controllers

Swiping your hand over a discrete sensor causes a circular suite controller to rise from its hidden recess. From this panel, passengers can control the lighting, temperature, and sound in the cabin.

You don’t need to be near a suite controller to make the adjustments, either. When you download the Nice Touch App, you can conveniently change the lights, temperature, or pick a movie through your mobile device.

Final Thoughts

The brainchild of years of passion and perfectionism, The Global 7500 is a Bombardier Business Aircraft that offers a perfect blend of technology, convenience, and luxury. If you’re a passenger who wants to impress your guests and be in complete control in-flight, the Global 7500 is well worth a look.

To learn more about the Global 7500, and design your own personalized version, visit the Global 7500 product page and online configurator.