BMW Z8 Roadster – One of The All Time Coolest Returns in 2010

BMW Z8 Roadster - Overhead BMW Z8 - Interior

One of the greatest BMW’s of all time is going to make return in 2010. Yes, the BMW Z8 is going to re-emerge as a fire-breathing, SL killer with a 400HP 4.4L V8. A rumored M version could push out 600+ HP from the new 6.3L V12 currently in development. The car will be front-engine, rear wheel drive, and feature a retractable hardtop.

The image above shows the original with it’s vintage, yet modern aesthetic. The limited production vehicle, available only for 3 years, was no slauch. The Alpina flavor had a 394 horsepower powerplant that put out 383 pounds of torque.

Source: Automobile Mag

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