BMW Motorrad Unveils Concept 6 Motorcycle With Inline Six-Cylinder Engine (w/VIDEO)

BMW Concept 6

The famous inline six-cylinder engine from BMW has been widely exulted for years. This powerplant has provided strong and linear engines in their cars and trucks over the last several decades. However, now at the point where the company is moving away from this engine on the automotive side, BMW Motorrad is going to be transitioning this engine into its motorcycle lineup. The new BMW Concept 6 motorcycle at the EICMA Show in Milan has been unveiled to showcase this transfer of technology. 

Even though the BMW Motorrad Concept 6 frame is not really anything revolutionary, basically a K1300R with some extra futuristic looking components, the engine is the company’s new 1.6-liter (or more), inline six, mounted at a 55 degree angle. The dead giveaways are the huge outlets jutting out of each side. Power output is expected to be in the range of 175 hp with 96 lb-ft of torque available at 2,000 RPM with a 9,000 RPM redline. Because so much power is available at any speed, the bike has no rev counter on its LED instrument panel. Instead there is a torque readout along with the essential road speed display.

Look for this engine to appear in the next couple of years in the BMW Motorrad touring lineup. With this massive powerplant, it should make for some very sporty yet comfortable rides. This engine is “approximately 100 mm or 4 inches slimmer than all former straight-six production engines and only a bit wider than a large-capacity straight-four with conventional technology.” With its compact size, it would be great to see this engine transition into the sportbike market as well. For now, we will just have to ogle over the Concept 6 cafe-style racer and wonder what may be….

Source: BMW Motorrad