Arvou Honda S2000

Blower Bliss: Attacking the Touge in a Supercharged Honda S2000 [Video]

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Question time: HasHondaever made a crappy sports car? TheS500,S600andS800of the 1960s were, by most accounts, little gems. Ditto their 1990s heir apparent, theBeat, a sharply-styled mid-enginekeiroadster for which we would do terrible things (No, seriously, you’d toss your cookies if we told you.) to get one legal and registered where we live. And of course, the Big H’s big guns, theNSXandS2000. So yeah, near as we can tell, every sports carHondahas released over the years (Note that we’re only counting two-seaters riding on dedicated platforms, so no tantrums about us not mentioning theCR-X SiorIntegra Type R.) has been the cat’s knees, the bee’s pajamas, etc.

This is not to say, of course, that Honda’s sporting models can’t be relocated even farther away from Sucktown. Take the S2000 seen in this video; it was built by a shop calledArvou, who fitted it with a new centrifugal supercharger kit fromHKS. In the hands of pro drifter andSuper GTdriverNobuteru Taniguchi, it attacks the world-famousGunsai Tougewith the precision of a laser attached to the second hand of a Swiss-made atomic clock. Also,VTECplus boost is always a recipe for a good time.

Source: YouTube