Hot Rod Roadkill Chevrolet Monza

Blow Big or Blow Home: Roadkill Sees if Garden Tools Add Power to a Chevrolet Monza [Video]

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One of the coolest and most effective ways to get an engine to generate more power is tosuperchargeit. Technically speaking, “supercharging” can refer to a blower that’s driven mechanically by the engine via either a belt-and-pulley system or a gear drive setup, or a turbosupercharger (colloquiallyturbochargerorturbo) that’s driven by engine exhaust pressure. We suppose you could also include blowers driven by their own dedicated engines to that list, too;Roadkill’sDavid FreiburgerandMike Finnegancertainly have.

Yes, the Internet’s most prolific purveyors of gearhead improv installed not one, not two, butfivegas-powered leaf blowers in the trunk of a1978 Chevrolet Monza(with the rare-ish305 V8/4-speed manualcombo) to shovel pressurized air into the carburetor. Do they really add power? Hit play and find out!

Source: YouTube