Blackline GPS Snitch Real-Time Automatic Tracking

Blackline GPS Snitch (Source: Blackline GPS, Inc.)

LoJack may have pioneered the stolen vehicle recovery system years ago, but many entrants are taking that concept and providing greater ease of use and flexibility. One such company is Blackline which is offering a device known as the GPS Snitch. The unit requires no installation, is small enough to be hidden in any vehicle and is easy to transfer between cars.

The Snitch is comprised of a GPS tracker, wireless transmitter, rechargeable battery and motion sensor. Blackline offers customers the option of being able to track online, via SMS or e-mail. There is also an application available for Blackberries that provides a special interface and a “geo-social networking experience.”

The Blackline GPS Snitch offers real-time automatic tracking, with a very low lag time of 20 seconds. It works in the US and Canada and costs $299.99 MSRP with service plans available at $14.99/month.

Source: Blackline GPS Inc.