McLaren F1 vs. 12C Spider video

Big Mac vs. Young Mac: McLaren Supercars Old and New Jet to Villa d’Este

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It’s been a while since it has been the fastest or quickest accelerating production car in the world, but theMcLaren F1remains (and likely always will remain) a god among cars. And the F1 is still faster thanMcLaren’s lone current offering, the12C. However, unlike the 12C, the F1 was never offered in an open-top configuration.

But when you’re blasting down an Italian autostrada to the bucolicVilla d’Este(home to an annual concours d’elegance) on the shore of Lake Como, there really isn’t a wrong answer when facing a choice between the two. Which is a good thing forSimon Kidston(who is in charge ofa Swiss firmthat locates, researches, and facilitates private sales of collector cars) and his friend. Otherwise, one might have had less fun than the other when blitzing to Villa d’Este in an F1 and12C Spider.

Source: Vimeo