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If you’re like me, you expect more when you pay a premium price for goods. I bought my Apple Airport Extreme because in addition to being a great router, it served as a high-capacity external hard drive. I bought a Native Union Switch, not because it was a great speaker (I mean, it’s that too), but because I could also use it on the road for mobile conference calling. So when I was looking at sinking significant cash into some high-quality travel accessories, I made sure to find things that could pull double duty. Here are my finds for the mostinvestment-worthy luggage options for any modern, jet-setting, gentleman.

bluesmart tech luggage


Bluesmart Connected Luggage

Sure, this thing looks great and it has all the storage perks you’d expect from a $400 (pre-order price) hard case carry-on. The reason that this makes the list though is because of AAAAALL of the stuff it does beyond that.


It has two USB chargers that can be used simultaneously to charge your devices from the 10,000 mAh capacity battery—that’s enough to charge an iPhone six times over!


This luggage actually has its own data plan. Seriously. Bluesmart has built-in global 3G & GPS coverage provided in partnership with Telefonica, 100% free of charge to Bluesmart travelers. This helps to power the luggage’s location tracking software, detailed trip data, and their recent integration with Uber which helps you locate lost luggage that you may have accidentally left in your ride from the airport.

Remote Lock & Proximity Alerts

Bluesmart sports a digital lock that is controlled by your smartphone, and if you get separated from your Bluesmart and forget to lock it, there’s no need to worry. It will lock automatically and send you alerts based on your proximity.

Built-in Digital Scale

The cherry on top is that this bad boy has a built-in digital scale that lets you know ahead of time whether your bag meets the airline’s cabin requirements. You simply pull the handle and the app will confirm the weight.

trunkster smart luggage



Similar in features to the Bluesmart (GPS—though that costs extra for Trunkster, a built-in scale, USB charging ports and an ample battery), Trunkster is also smart luggage currently onpresale. While Trunkster doesn’t boast the same breadth of tech glitz that Bluesmart does, it does have some advantages. Most notably, Trunkster offers two different sizes (Carry-on-22” and Checked-27”) whereas Bluesmart only has the carry-on size. The price point for the Trunkster carry-on is also significantly lower than Bluesmart ($325 vs $400). The Trunkster battery is also more powerful than the Bluesmart battery (10,400 mAh vs 10,000 mAh capacity) and it includes a USB charging cable, whilethe Bluesmart has more of a BYOC philosophy. Finally, and most visually noteworthy, Trunkster has a one-of-a-kind zipperless entry that looks somewhat akin to a rolltop desk. Not sure if that part has a real benefit, but it sure does lookcool.

lat 56 redeye carry-on luggage


LAT_56 Red Eye Carry-on Garment Bag

Turnaround trips for business are basically packing purgatory. You need a suit bag, but most suit bags aren’t versatile enough to carry all of your other overnight needs while still meeting carry-on requirements. However, you don’t want to be that guy that packs 2 bags for an overnight trip. Seriously, no one wants to be that guy.

Enter the LAT_56 Red Eye Carry-on Garment Bag. Inside one of the chambers in this small carryall is a patented feature it calls the ‘Suit Packing System’ (SPS™), which allows you to roll your suit in a garment bag with a torso-shaped hanger for a crease-free stow. An additional chamber has capacity for spare clothing, shirts and ties, shoes, underwear and other essentials. Finally, a smart sleeve strap on the back allows you to connect it over your rolling luggage handle if you do find the necessity for a second bag.

Oh, and if you like having a backpack as your personal item on a flight like I do, check out this awesome backpack from LAT_56.

Genius Pack Carry-on Luggage


Genius Pack Luggage

OK, so this last one is a bit of a cheat. Genius Pack actually makes a full lineup of innovative luggage that adds up to awesomeness. Here are a fewof my favorites:

High Altitude Flight Bag

This bag is a perfect “personal item” for your flight, because it not only has a sling back that slides onto the handle of a rolling carry-on, but it also has a strap that allows it to wrap around your upright tray table. Go ahead, enjoy that extra foot space!

The Luxe Leather Entrepreneur

OK, I’ll be honest, this one made the list because it’s so damnclassy. I mean, it’s also got tons of smart storage options…but mainly it’s beautiful.

Travel Refillable Fragrance Spray

One of the crappiest parts of taking an overnighter from Vegas to SFO is trying to get everything into only carry-on luggage; not because I have so much to take, but because not everything comes in carryon-appropriate sizes—most specifically my favorite colognes. Luckily, this little gizmo lets you take your smellgood and move it into a TSA-friendly container.

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