Best Go-Karting Tracks From Around The World

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Each year, millions of people take part in go kart races, competitively or often just for fun. If you’re thinking of taking a holiday why not get off of the well beaten track and check out one of the cool locations below and treat your need for speed! So get ready to gaze upon some of the best go-karting tracks from around the world. The following are ten of the coolest.

Extreme Karts in Auckland

Extreme Karts Track

Extreme Karts Track Image Credit

The track at this go-karting centre offer the punter a chance to pick up some speed thanks to a long straight. There is no denying that this track also offers plenty of quick thinking action with the inclusion of tight hair pin corners. This is also New Zealand’s only two level track.

Go Karting in Thailand


PTT Speedway Image Credit

Why not travel to Bangkok and discover a track for the seasoned go karting-champ. The RCA Plaza features the biggest go-karting track in the world, the PTT Speedway.

270cc Karts on PTT Speedway Video Credit

Scotkart Glasgow

ScotKart Glasgow

ScotKart Image Credit

Scotkart in Glasgow features two centres to choose from. At Clydebank you will find a speed track while at Cambuslang you can experience a track with tunnels, flyovers and ramps.

K1 Speed in Florida


K1 Speed in Florida Image Source

K1 Speed has an emphasis on tracks that have been professionally designed for a thrilling experience. Choose from three tracks including a super track for maximum thrills.

K1 Speed South Florida Video Credit

Race for Real in Northern Ireland

Race for Real

Race for Real Image Source

For a real good karting experience with bridges an underpass and a computerized lap timing system. This could be as close to the real Formula 1 experience as you’ll get.

Kartworld in Cornwall


Kartworld Track Image Source

Cornwall offers you a great karting experience with a huge 800m track with plenty of long fast straights. All of the go-karts are tuned to perfection to offer a safe and thrilling racing experience.

Supakart with UK Go-Karting

Supakart Track

Supakart Image Source

This is go-karting on a grand scale with such features as a 450 foot bridge with a crossover, a tunnel and some edgy hairpin turns to stir you up. The Welsh countryside isn’t too far away either.

Hoddesdon Kart Club

Hoddesdon karting Image Credit

Hoddesdon outdoor karting provide one of the fastest racing experiences out there with karts that reach speeds of 70mph. This is quite a leap forward compared many other tracks you might come across.

Badger Raceway in Malta

Badger raceway

Badger Raceway Image Source

While you’re enjoying the Maltese sun why not take time out to get the adrenaline pumping at the Badger Raceway karting circuit. 30 high performance karts are on offer for the big race and a clubhouse is available for those moments of relaxation.

Hamilton Indoor Karts Canada

Hamilton Indoor Karts Canada

Hamilton Indoor Karts Canada Image Credit

If you happen to be on holiday in Ontario Canada then it might be worth booking a place with Hamilton Indoor Karts. Race around the track at speeds in excess of km h and feel the thrill of the race.

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