Benahavís Villa is a Spanish Sensation

The southern coast of Spain not only features some of the prettiest terrain and most pleasant weather on the globe, but its proximity to Gibraltar and the north coast of Africa means those locations are part of the vista. However, those features are just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg for this spectacular villa situated just outside Marbella.

Benahavís Villa, as this handsome home is called, boasts eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms spread over three levels and 19,763 square feet of living area. And if none of those attributes grab your attention, the heated marble flooring, central air conditioning, theater, elevator, two pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a sauna, a six-car garage, and a separate apartment for the staff certainly ought to make you take notice. Then again, the roughly $18.8 million asking price is all but guaranteed to knock even the most jaded Homo sapiens’ socks off, in which case that heated marble flooring should come in handy…

Source: MAS Property Marbella