Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport at Fuji Speedway

Beast in the East: A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Tackles Fuji Speedway [Video]

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TheBugatti Veyron Grand Sportis the fastest, most powerful and, naturally, most expensive convertible you can buy new. But compared to the coupe, its chassis is jigglier, the suspension is softer, and its waistline is a bit farther out, right? Well yeah, to a certain extent, but none of those attribute downgrades are significant enough to notice, especially when you’re driving one on a track.

And speaking of driving aBugattiVeyron Grand Sport on a track, that’s exactly what former24 Hours of Le ManswinnerSeiji Aradoes atFuji Speedwayin this video. There’s snow on the ground at the historic Japanese circuit, but native son Seiji doesn’t mind; not when he’s driving something with AWD (not to mentionabout 1,000hp). We just hope the makers of this vid release footage of a full on-board lap soon.

Source: YouTube