Caterham Supersport R and Morgan Three Wheeler

Bantam Brits: Chris Harris Tests the Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Supersports R [Video]

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Although all of the United Kingdom’s mainstream (i.e. tens of thousands or more cars made each year and/or are available in most major global markets) car brands have long since been either snapped up by foreign firms or shuttered altogether, most of the nation’s small, independent “cottage builders” remain proudly domestically-owned. Morgan is one of these and, until recently, so was Caterham (before it was purchased by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes). So who better than the most entertaining British motoring journalist not on a TV show to try out the newest – and arguably purest – models from each company?

Chris Harris certainly seems to like the Morgan for its uniqueness and the way it makes you reset your mental approach to driving a bare-bones sports car. But he justlovesthe Caterham, and really, how can you love the craft of driving and not love these modern manifestations of one of Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s earliest designs? If owning (or at the very least driving) a Seven isn’t on your bucket list, do us all (including yourself) a favor and trade in your car for a 55-gallon drum of bus tokens.

Source: YouTube