Baglietto Only One is Uniquely Exquisite

One of the reasons people buy superyachts (besides the obvious desire to broadcast to the masses that said people have hit the big time) is to bring the comforts of home along on the water. And one of the latest boats from Italy’s Baglietto shipyard – christened Only One, which we can’t help but feeling has already led to multiple unintentional “Who’s on first?” tributes – has all the comforts of home plus a few extra ones spread across 46.3 meters (152 feet) of length, three decks, four cabins and full-beam owner’s suite, the last of which includes an attached private office. Sure, you might have a private office on dry land, but does it have dual Caterpillar engines capable of moving it through space at up to 16.5 knots? Odds are it doesn’t. Advantage: Baglietto Only One.

Source: Baglietto