Bad Drivers Beware – Web 2.0 Taddling With Zap-A-Tag Puts Idiots on Blast Most Recent

Haven’t you always wished that you had a non-violent approach to dealing with idiotic motorists? Throwing up middle-fingers, rolling down the window and screaming or laying on the horn usually causes more harm than good. Especially in Los Angeles where this can quickly lead to a gun fight on the 405. Now, with the advent of you can perform a couple of “Woosah” relaxation exercises and take down the license plate of the offending party. You can then go to the Zap-A-Tag website, and as a registered user, enter in the plate information, location and describe the offense. You can also now use Twitter, either on your mobile phone or pc! Input

Once a plate is listed on, you can actually follow it to see if other users have experienced a similar incident or keep track of people ragging on your driving skills if you have been blacklisted. Just FYI, there is no worry about either getting a citation or causing a citation to be issued by using the site. I know I have been harping on the negative but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Sure, swerving drunk drivers, red light runners and cut-over bandits get the majority of the exposure but there are also good samaritans, car poolers and hybrid vehicle owners that can be commended. At least check it out to see if you are already flagged!


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