VARA racing at Buttonwillow

Back in Today: Keeping History on Track with the Vintage Auto Racing Association [Video]

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Motorsportsis different from the stick-and-ball crowd in many ways, but perhaps none more so than how the stars of the past can get back in the game. You’re not likely to seeYogi Berraswat another line drive, orFrank Giffordhoof it toward the other team’s running back for a tackle. However, it’s not unusual to see legendary drivers likeBrian RedmanandBobby Rahalmixing it up in cars they could have (and occasionallydid) drive when new.

Vintage Auto Racing Association(VARA) doesn’t see much involvement from big name drivers, but it does see plenty of classic racing cars (both dedicated race cars and street cars upgraded to racing specification) on track during an event weekend. And as long-time VARA membersKen BlaskoandJeff Ireland(The latter, incidentally, is one of our dad’s former customers.) explain, there’s no time like the present to be a part ofmotorsports’ rich and colorful past.

Source: YouTube