Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider is Built to be Wild

Watches inspired by entertainment properties aren’t very unusual. However, most of the timepieces that fit that description just incorporate colors or logos of movies, TV shows and the like and call it good enough. That wasn’t good enough for watchmaker Azimuth when it got struck by a bolt of inspiration from the classic movie Easy Rider. And although the name of the watch steers away from that iconic Peter Fonda/Dennis Hopper vehicle, the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider is still pretty far out, man.

The asymmetrical case with exposed fasteners holding the bezel on is a nod to the shape of an engine case. The back side of the case shows off an ETA movement that has been customized by Azimuth to further emphasize the engine motif. But it’s what you’ll find on the front side of the case that, well, drives the point home: The minute hand is driven in a more-or-less conventional manner and sweeps around the right-hand side of the dial, but the hour hand sprouts from a link on a motorcycle-style metal chain that runs an oval-shaped path (surrounded by a 24-hour clock) between two sprockets, one of which is driven by the minute hand. It’s a pretty striking design, with a pretty striking price to match: Azimuth asks roughly $5,200 for each of the 100 SP-1 Crazy Riders scheduled to be produced.

Source: Azimuth