Axe Reverse Mad Libs Contest

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Okay Sub5ivers, we doth bring unto you another contest… This one’s a little more complicated than usual, but there’s a nice prize in it if you can properly tweet the reverse mad lib presented to you.

You might be wondering “what is a reverse mad lib?” Well, let’s break it down:


In a normal Mad Lib, you are given a story with blank spaces. Your job is to fill in the blank spaces with words. If you flip that concept around, you’re basically there already. We’re going to give you a theme and a few of our own manneundos (obviously befitting of the theme), and your job is to follow @AXE and create the story by tweeting them sentences containing the manneundos with the hashtag #Madlibs.


Now, let’s get into the specifics:


On the first day, The Campus Socialite will tweet the first two sentences of the story @AXE (someone has to set a precedent). On the same day, and once a day after that until Tuesday 1/11/11, one of The Campus Socialite’s partner blogs will post the story thus far, along with their provided mannuendos. All you need to do is continue the story.


The next question you have is probably “how do I win?” Let us explain:


Each day, AXE and The Campus Socialite will pick 15 Honorable Mentions (who will receive AXE detailers) and 2 finalists, whose sentences will become part of the story for the next day. In the end, 2 of the 10 finalists will be chosen to receive an AXE Gift Pack.


So with all of that said, let’s begin, shall we? And the theme is…(drumroll please):


In The Woods

And the first two words are: SASQUATCH and FRANKS & BEANS


Here are the two sentences that start the story:


Axe Reverse Mad Libs


Axe Reverse Mad Libs


Next, our friends over at McDon’t added a little twist with:

Axe Reverse Mad Libs

Axe Reverse Mad Libs

And we’re keeping things on the fast track with:

#Madlibs @AXE: Oh snap, the snake went into the MUD PIT!

#Madlibs @AXE: Be extra careful with the TWIG AND BERRIES


Look for the next two words on ForkParty in a few hours! When you tweet don’t forget to capitalize your manneundos!