AVUS PERFORMANCE Nissan GT-R Black Edition – The Batmobile Reloaded


Fresh on the heels of dropping a matte-black Audi Q7, German tuning powerhouse AVUS PERFORMANCE is back at it again with the Nissan GT-R Black Edition. In Europe, the successor to the Skyline GT-R R34 is a rare commodity with only 480 units available. AVUS is offering their “Batmobil Reloaded” model with a very aggressive look featuring the aforementioned black matte black paint job, a lowered ride height via new coilovers (with the stock adjustments for the dampers retained) and black painted 20-inch wheels fitted with spacers.

In addition, there are individually painted parts like the front bumper, the rear diffuser and air vents along with a dark window tint.  Besides looks, the AVUS Nissan GTR also sports a modified ECU and special new exhaust pipe with the omission of the 2 cats and the middle silencer. The result is that performance is boosted to 580 hp and 700 Nm of torque, besting the stock 485 bhp by a wide margin.

Here is the price list for said modifications for the AVUS PERFORMANCE Nissan GT-R Black Edition

– matt black foliation – 2.499 Euro
– coilovers – 1.299 Euro
– modified ECU – 1.899 Euro
– exhaust pipe – 998 Euro
– painted 20“ wheels – 999 Euro
– wheel spacers – 349 Euro

Source: AVUS Performance

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