Autodromo Stradale black and red

Autodromo Stradale Watches are En-Gauge-ing

Autodromo Stradale black and red

It’s pretty much a given that classic cars are easy to spot from the outside. But it’s just as easy to know that you’re aboard a vintage ride from the inside, too. Things like chrome-clad buttons and switches, squared-off dashboards and a rudimentary radio (assuming there even is one) are dead giveaways of a vehicle’s advanced age. And the same can be said of classic car gauges, instruments whose makers paid as much attention to looks as they did functionality.

Autodromo Stradale beige and brown

High-end motoring accessories maker Autodromo has taken a very similar approach to its latest family of watches, the Stradale. In fact, Autodromo admits that the designs are inspired by the instruments found on Italian grand tourers from the 1950s. Some people will moan about the numbers on the dial all facing the same way (meaning the ones at the bottom are basically upside down), but overall the design (which comes in three face and band color combinations) is clean, elegant and functional.

Autodromo Stradale gray and blue

And speaking of functional, the Stradale’s movement certainly qualifies as such. It’s a Miyota 9015 self-winding unit, and you can see a portion of it via a window on the back of the case, and the case is water resistant to depths of 50 meters. Best of all, the Autodromo Stradale is priced at a rather reasonable $875, so you could buy one of each color scheme and still have spent a lot less than you would have for one watch from the big Swiss names.

Source: Autodromo