Audiovox Magnat & Wimmer RST Build One-Off Chevrolet Camaro

Magnat Chevy Camaro

In order to peddle their wares, most car audio companies require a signature vehicle in order to tell their story. In the case of Magnat, a German subsidiary of juggernaut Audiovox, they have chosen a Chevrolet Camaro as their platform of choice. And to handle the performance side of the equation, tuning powerhouse Wimmers RST was given the nod to work their magic.

We’ve seen this German tuner put together some solid packages over the years, particularly with respect to vehicles produced by their countryman at Porsche and Mercedes. So, we had to raise an eyebrow when they turned their attention towards the Chevy Camaro.

Magnat Chevy Camaro

Wimmer RST took a more subtle approach than their typical creations by keeping things simple. They tweaked the ECU, optimized airflow and introduced a stainless steel exhaust system to bump up power output from the 6.2-liter V8 engine to a respectable 451hp with a top speed of 170mph. The Camaro is dropped on height adjustable KW coilovers and sits on 10×22 Oxigin wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport rubber.

Magnat Chevy Camaro

Inside, the standard plasticized interior is upgraded with leather and alcantara. For added flair, the seats are stitched with a diamond pattern, which accentuates the cabin. Command central takes the form of theAudiovox VME 9520NAV which is equipped with nav, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone controls along with steering wheel remote controls.

Magnat Chevy Camaro (1)

The system is driven by a whopping 4,400 watt system with 2-way components up front, coaxials in the rear and 2 30xm subs powered by digital amps brining the thunder. The trunk is washed in illumination to highlight this impressive setup. We applaud the conservative approach Magnat took with this project by not creating some over-the-top conversation piece. The audio system still remains the star of the show, with a great supporting cast.

Source:Magnat Audio Produkte GmbH