Audi S1 to compete with MINI Cooper S JCW and Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA

Audi S1 Mini Car

Word is that Audi is going to produce a sport version of the A1 mini car sometime around 2011. The Audi S1 performance car will embody exactly what this class of vehicles is known for – power and handling. There should be a lot of competition at the bottom end of the luxury automotive market as pursestrings tighten in the global slowdown but enthusiasm for performance thrives.

The Audi S1 should have solid aerodynamics and aesthetics with 19 inch alloy wheels, deep air scoops, a roof-mounted spoiler and LED daytime running lights. The powerplant will be the same 1.4-liter TSI engine found in the VW Polo GTI, with the exception that some tweaks and a new ECU should take the 178 hp engine up to well over 200 hp. A new S Tronic twin-clutch gearbox should provide great performance along with impressive fuel mileage.

The price of the Audi S1 is expected to start around 25,000 Pounds or about 37,930 USD. The base A1 will be available in 2010 at a cost of around 13,000 Pounds or 19,723 USD.