Audi RS6 Avant Busted in Spain for Doing 133 MPH with 1,918 Pounds of Weed

Audi RS6 Avant Busted with Hash

For most drug dealers wanting to transport some serious weight, an inconspicuous cargo van or low-key SUV would be the drive of choice. But not everyone uses this same logic. One particular man was recently caught driving 133 mph (213.8 km/h) in an Audi RS6 Avant, (one of the baddest super wagons on the planet) along the stretch between Huelva and Seville in Spain. This in itself might not seem like anything to write home about, but it turns out this bandit was transporting a heavy load of hashish.

Naturally, with a twin-turbo V10 with 580 hp at his disposal, putting on the turn signal and slowly pulling over to the right was not this guy’s first thought when the police gave chase. The driver pegged the throttle and moseyed on up to about 149 mph (240 km/h) along a 20 kilometer stretch of the A-49 highway, leaving smokey in the dust. But low and behold, he later hit a traffic jam and his massive engine was no longer an effective tool for evasion. The man took off on foot.

When the officers got to the abandoned car it became oh so clear why the driver bolted. He was transporting 27 large bags of pot weighing 1,918 pounds (870kg). I guess the drug lord should have hired Jason Statham because the estimated street value of all that dope was $180,500 (€120,000) and this was surely a huge loss. As a side note, the coachman was eventually caught.

Audi RS6 Avant Busted with Hash

What’s so bizarre is that the driver’s stash of marijiuana was plainly visible. Most traffickers conceal drugs inside door panels, floorboards, engine compartments, seats and whatnot. This genius obviously threw caution to the wind assuming that the Audi RS6 Avant would be untouchable.

Source: motorpassion

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  1. Sannabis Cativa

    If 1,918 pounds of weed were sold to make $180,500 street value then each pound of weed would be sold for $94.10. That is a very lower per pound number even for the dirtiest of dirt weed.

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