Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition by Anderson Germany is Deliciously Evil

Anderson Germany R8 V10

This is a rare thing. Usually things that are German and angry looking scare us, but that is not the case with this Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition by Anderson Germany. It looks fun, in the same way that shooting an AK at a wall is fun. Loud, obnoxious, a little odd to see, but fun nonetheless. The Audi R8 has been modified every which way, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. If we are Hugh Hefner, then modded R8s are playmates; more is better. Keep reading to find out what kind of Double-D’s it’s packing.

A few months ago we showed you Anderson Germany‘s frantically fast, snow white Ferrari California. Anyone who extracts 50 more horses from a high-strung V8 is a friend of ours, so when we heard they were working on Audi’s flagship supercar we wanted to hear more about it. The result of their efforts is the sinister beauty you see here. Looking like a secret gorvernment fighter jet, AG first started with the wheels. They liked the shape of the stock wheels, but knew we would send their email right to the delete box if they looked bone stock. So they trimmed the blades in carbon fiber, and painted the lip a dark orange. They actually look 100% better than the stock rims and paired with red calipers they make the whole car pop. Impressive considering the body is painted as brightly as Blue Cross’ soul.

Anderson Germany R8 V10 wheels

While they were bathing it in carbon fiber, they added some to the mirrors, spoilers and even the rear window engine vents. This is what Spider Man’s foe, Venom, would take to the track. The orange on black continues inside. There’s carbon fiber trim on the dash and console, which is nice but hardly new hotness. What they did do is add a carbon-looking texture to the leather seats, making them look woven without making you sit on hard plastic. Contrasted with the orange piping you have an interior that catches the eye without blowing out your retina.

Anderson Germany R8 V10 interior

And of course, what would be the point of adding orange and carbon fiber to anything if there wasn’t some goodies under the hood? By re-programming the ECU, installing a bigger air filter and adding racing catalytic convertors (one of our favorite boring car parts ever) they shaved 37 lbs of weight and added 60hp, for a total of 585hp.  Seriously, how hard are used Murcielago owners kicking themselves right now? With tuning going the way it is, soon a Zonda R will be run down by a V8 Vantage. There’s no price set on the Anderson Germany Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition yet, but since it has to be sent over from Dusseldorf with more than a postage stamp, you can bet it’s a lot. But when you consider the R8 V10 is one of the best cars on the road today, one that can compete with hypercars costing 3 times as much, it is surely a bargain. 

Source: Anderson Germany