ATT-TEC Turns the BMW M3 Cabrio into a Blown Black Blowdryer

ATT-TEC BMW M3 Cabriolet front 3/4 view

There are a good many BMW purists out there who have always been vehemently opposed to the idea of an M3 convertible. And much of that opposition became even more vehement with the arrival of the current E93-chassis M3 Cabrio with its retractable hardtop. But for the modest dynamic compromises the convertible makes relative to the coupe, it serves up significant advantages in terms of pleasant weather enjoyment.

German tuner ATT-TEC (Ma Bell must love that name…) must be well aware of those advantages. How else do you explain the firm’s decision to hop up the folding roof version of the BMW M Division’s volume leader?

ATT-TEC BMW M3 Cabriolet rear 3/4 view

Unlike many of the tuner cars we feature here, the ATT-TEC modified M3 doesn’t have much in the way of visible modifications. Yes, there’s the matte black vinyl wrap, a set of matte black ADV.1 20” wheels (8.5” wide in front, 11” wide in back) wearing Vredestein tires, and a set of KW coilovers to bring the whole ensemble closer to terra firma, but you won’t find bold new bumpers, an aftermarket hood with more openings than a mesh t-shirt, and a rear wing that’s just low enough to not need aircraft warning lights. It’s restrained, in other words.

But the goods under the hood can not be classified as restrained. The stock 4.0L V8 has been fitted with a G-Power supercharger, more potent spark plugs, a remapped ECU and freer-flowing air intake and stainless steel exhaust systems. The result is a healthy (but not ridiculous) 513hp, an improvement of 99hp over stock. ATT-TEC doesn’t quote any acceleration or top speed figures, but you can bet this baby will mess up your hair with noticeably more enthusiasm than a stock E93 M3.

ATT-TEC BMW M3 Cabriolet engine view

Naturally, if you want all the stuff seen here on your M3 Cabrio (or Coupe, presumably), you’ll have to put down noticeably more money than you would for a stocker. All these mods will lighten your wallet by 26,573 euros (about $35,000). The supercharger alone is 11,430 euros (about $15,000). But when you want an M3 that’s extraordinary instead of ordinary, what’s a few dozen grand?

Source: ATT-TEC