This Aston Martin Roadster is a Bespoke Brute

As car brands go, Aston Martin is certainly among the more exclusive. But these days it’s possible to acquire an Aston Martin that’s really, really exclusive. Like, one-of-a-kind exclusive. And thanks to the company’s own custom shop, Q by Aston Martin, one lucky customer will soon be rocking a one-off roadster with a heaping dose of attitude.

The Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster is, fundamentally, a V12 Vantage S Roadster with many of the coupe-only Vantage GT12 bits installed. That means a burly body kit with aggressively flared fenders and a big front splitter and rear diffuser, but this bespoke droptop version does without the hardlid’s boy-racer rear wing and brash tri-tone coloring. However, the suspension, brakes, center-lock wheels, Sportshift III 7-speed transmission and extra-sauce 592 horsepower version of the company’s soon-to-be-retired 5.9L (Yes, Aston Martin still calls it 6.0L) naturally-aspirated V12. It’s almost certainly a bit slower than the coupe, but it’s also exactly 100 times rarer and lets loads more of that V12 music into the cabin. Not a terrible compromise if you ask us.

Source: Aston Martin