VIDEO: Aston Martin One-77 Takes to the Track, Laughs at Forced Induction

2011 Aston Martin One-77 on the track

If there’s one thing that we’ve grown to love about Aston Martin of late, it’s the company’s ability to seemingly one-up itself at will. Vanquish S getting too long in the tooth and the stopwatch? Boom! Release the DBS. V8 Vantage not ballsy enough? Blam! Stuff the DBS’s V12 under the bonnet to create the V12 Vantage. V12 Vantage still not monstrous or exclusive enough? Pow! Build a super-limited production supercar called the One-77.

Speaking of the One-77, Aston Martin has just certified the final power and torque figures for the demonic 7.3L V12 that will be powering the ultra exclusive supercar when deliveries of the 77 cars (hence the name) begin early next year. The numbers are 750hp and 553 lb.-ft of torque, the former being the highest for any current normally-aspirated production engine. A few years ago we’d have said, “Meh, Ferrari, Lamborghini and/or some cottage builder no one’s ever heard of will top that next week,” but in today’s political and economic climate, we aren’t sure it will ever be topped, never mind soon. But there’s a lot more to the One-77 than its hellhound of a powerplant, as Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez and design director Marek Reichman explain in the video after the jump.

While we can’t really argue with most of the assertations of the Good Dr. Bez and Mr. Reichman, we do dispute the notion of the One-77 possessing timeless good looks. Sorry boys, but those scoops flowing down from the headlights give the car’s visage something of an emo vibe. The rest of the car is quite tasty, though, and we probably wouldn’t let that face prevent us from taking one home. Of course, all 77 are almost certainly already spoken for, and even if we did have punctuality on our side, the roughly $1.5 million asking price is about $1.48 million over our current automotive budget. However, if you have managed to reserve a copy, we doubt you’ll be disappointed, since you’ll have outrageous power, a mesmerizing soundtrack and the absolute ironclad guarantee that you’ll be the only one on your block to have one (no such promise can be made if you live in Abu Dhabi, though).

Source: Aston Martin