Aston Martin DB10 front 3/4 view

Aston Martin DB10 is Built for Bond

It’s hard to believe that 50 years have passed since Aston Martin and James Bond first appeared together on the silver screen, but that is indeed the amount of time that has elapsed. And while 007 has had flings with the likes of Lotus and BMW during that half-century, he inevitably seems to wind up back in an Aston Martin. So it’s hardly news that the chap who currently plays BondDaniel Craig – will be piloting one of the fabled British brand’s products for the next film in the franchise, Spectre (which drops on November 6 of next year).

What is news, however, is what that product will be: The DB10, a special coupe whose name signifies not only the next installment in the DB line, but also the quantity in which it will be built. Yes, just 10 of these more-than-a-little-F-Type-reminiscent (with a bit of TVR sprinkled in) sports cars will be built, with most likely destined to be jumped, crunched, smashed, shot at, drilled full of camera mounting bracket holes and otherwise mutilated during the filming process. What powers this thing? What does it look like from the rear? We don’t know and…we don’t know. However, we do have a sneaking suspicion that the styling of the Aston Martin DB10 will influence the look of the brand’s next generation of production models.

Source: Aston Martin