The Aston Martin Powerboat is Here, and It’s the Daddy

It’s been almost a year and five months since we got wind of a joint boat project between Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts called the AM37. At the time, we were smitten with styling presented in the renderings, the fancy materials proposed for the bridge, and the impressive projected speed. And now that the real deal is making its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show, there are more details to be discussed that only intensify our yearning for one.

The snazzy, car-like leather and carbon fiber clad cockpit area has successfully made the leap from concept to production, as has the old school cool wood decking atop both the bow and stern, and the massive one-piece wraparound windshield. Venture below deck (which has seating for up to eight, incidentally) and you’ll find a sweet little day cabin with air conditioning, a lavatory, a fridge, a microwave oven and even a coffee machine. Back in the engine room, the AM37 is powered by your choice of a pair of 370 horsepower diesel engines or 430 horsepower gas engines, both from Mercury Marine, while the uplevel AM37S is motivated by twin 520 horsepower Mercury Marine powerplants. Open the taps all the way and Aston Martin says the AM37S will shimmy up to 50 knots (57.5 mph), which is pretty good for a 37-foot powerboat. And if you want to go faster, we’re sure the folks in Gaydon will be happy to sell you one of their land-lubbing vehicles to go with it…

Source: Aston Martin