Superformance GT40

Some Assembly Inspired: Continuing the Ford Le Mans Legend with the Superformance GT40 [Video]

To many car enthusiasts, the term“kit car”has a pejorative connotation. You know what we’re talking about, right? AVW Beetlebased sports car with ill-fitting fiberglass bodywork. APontiac Fierodressed inFerrari– orLamborghini-aping drag. Those sorts of creations which can be called the four-wheeled equivalents of white horses with black stripes painted on their flanks.

The products ofSuperformance, however, don’t fall into that category. Their fully-licensed and quite convincing replicas of theShelby Cobra,ShelbyCobra Daytona CoupeandFord GT40are perfect for enthusiasts who love the originals, but would have to win at least one Powerball jackpot to be able to afford the real deal. Plus, as you can see in this video focusing on the GT40s, you can hoon them to your heart’s content without fear of bending a priceless piece of motorsports history. HeyLance Stander(Superformance CEO and human subject of this video), when can we expect aFordGT40 Mark IVkit?

Source: YouTube