This Swedish House is Small on Size, Big on Style

Usually, 99-year-old houses look the part. But in some cases, one or more remodels can make an abode look quite modern, if not futuristic. Such is the case with the Aspvik House near Stockholm, Sweden: Originally constructed in 1917 as a Chinese style tower, the building was expanded in the 1960s, and a further addition/ revision devised by architect Andreas Martin-Löf was completed just last year. The Aspvik house might only have one bedroom and one bathroom within its roughly 753 square feet of indoor living area, but said indoor area is quite airy thanks to oodles of floor-to-ceiling glass, plus untreated plywood splashed across the interior. There’s also an infinity pool, a sauna and a basement for than can serve as a workshop or storage area. If you don’t have a need for lots of space, but do have needs for sweeping vistas and high style, this little pad is hard to top.

Source: Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter